The Chef

Our chef "Sergio Schoener" took over the kitchen of the restaurant in April 2017.

Before joining the team of the Château Eza, of Savoyard origin, he has had a very rich professional career and has traveled a lot; As in Belgium, Luxembourg, Russia and Switzerland, notably at the " Délice du comptoir de la carouge", at the "Pearl of the Lake" in Geneva and at the "Auberge de Confignon".

He was also the deputy of the double-starred chef Jean-Marc Delacourt. 

Former head of the "Jardin" at the Metropole - Monaco and "l'ardoise" - Cannes, our new chef knows the Riviera whose products are familiar to him. 

For lovers of Mediterranean flavors but not only, Sergio Schoener celebrates local ingredients and puts his creativity at the service of delicious, fresh and delicate cuisine.

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