The Chef

Our chef Matthieu Gasnier took over the kitchen of the restaurant Chateau Eza in December 2017.

Originally from the Loire region, he grew up in a cook family, that pushed him to choose this job, to discover the gourmet cuisine with Thierry Drapeau (2* Michelin Stars) in Vendée and make it his passion.

Arrived on the French Riviera in 2010, he continued his training working with Dimitri Droisneau (2* Michelin Stars), Phillippe Jourdin (1* Michelin Star) and Brothers Raimbault (2* Michelin Stars) exploring the Mediterranean cuisine, full of flavors and delicacy. 

Before joining the team of the Château Eza, he worked as the sous-chef at the 2*-Michelin Starred Restaurant "Oasis" in Mandelieu-la Napoule and at the "Terre Blanche" Hôtel Spa Golf Resort 5* in Tourettes.  

For lovers of Mediterranean flavors but not only, Matthieu Gasnier celebrates local ingredients and puts his creativity at the service of delicious, fresh and delicate cuisine.

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