Our history



An ancient chateau and royal sanctuary

Chateau Eza was built 400 years ago within the ancient city walls of the 9th century village of Eze. It´s name did not come per chance. During a boating trip, most likely with his father, William first visited the village. Three years later, he left his court and bought the ensemble of little homes and baptized it as Chateau Eza. Until 1976 it was known as "The Prince of Sweden's Castle".

Already possessing a love for France, he was taken by the spirit and tranquility of the Chateau and left his royal court to pursue his writing talents here. He published many works including

Legend has it...

In the mid-20th century, the Castle of the Prince of Sweden is left to its own fate, according to the wishes of several owners who split into several apartments until a wealthy diplomat from Genes, General delegate of the International Red Cross, André Rochat aware of the historical and aesthetic value of this property, bought one by one every lot from 1976 to 1980. He will be the master of the house until 1993. He undertook extensive renovations to restore the Chateau Eza appearance as it had at the time of the Prince of Sweden.

Noting the increasing public interest in this place now, he could not resist to the temptation of creating a tearoom. The success helping, it became a restaurant and a hotel. Château Eza is now part of the upscale hotel on the French Riviera.